Monday, January 12, 2015

Discomfort in pregnancy: It helps

The joy of the growing baby belly is huge - sometimes the nine months to birth but also cause problems. Tips against common pregnancy complaints



Where did he come from? The altered hormone levels affect the smell and taste perception. Thus, pregnant women often develop mood for extreme flavors, such as very salty, sour or sweet. Cream cake with salted pretzels? Yummy! Maybe the body indicated by sudden cravings also a need for certain nutrients.

What helps? "Give the appetite simply by" advises the midwife Ursula Jahn-Zöhrens from Bad torrent. "So bring your body what it needs." Even med Grünwalder gynecologist Dr. Renate King pleads for sensual feast. ". Make a total of only that the sugar and fat content is not too high in the food"

Extra tip: For a full, balanced diet cravings attacks over the blankpregnancy after. Try at Süßlust a handful of raisins instead of cake, replace the hearty meatball with celery sticks. So do not take too much unnecessary.


Where did it come from? Around 70 percent of all pregnant women fight in the first three months with a sick feeling in the stomach and even vomiting. "During this time, the body makes to the changing hormone situation," says gynecologist king. "In addition, a psychological stress in early pregnancy may contribute to nausea."

What helps? In heavy, frequent vomiting threatens drainage, get medical attention carefully! Otherwise we have to wait until the first three months are over - and see the nausea as a good sign for a stable pregnancy. Some women feel better when they eat over and over again throughout the day snacks such as dried fruits, nuts or biscuits. For some, it also helps to take several small meals a day is better than a few large ones. "Ask for morning sickness on the evening a piece of rye bread and a cup of tea on the bedside table ready," advises midwife Jahn-Zöhrens. Still lying drink and chew on a piece of bread long does the discomfort a little.

Extra Tip: Some swear by the effect of acupressure wristband from the pharmacy, which was developed for travel sickness.
Water retention

Where did they come from? Easy swelling of hands, legs and feet are common and usually harmless. Her body during pregnancy more water in the tissues, especially in the last phase. "However, such swelling should always be compared with the results of blood and urine tests. Namely, it can sometimes be behind a metabolic disorder, "warns Renate king. The gynecologist will also pay attention to where the swelling occur and how strong they are. A sudden significant increase in water retention and weight is a warning sign; Be sure to inform as soon as possible the woman doctor. He advises you what to do.

What helps? wear flat shoes as often as possible and put your feet up.In addition, compression stockings can help. The doctor also recommends hot and cold Kneipp water fonts at the calf.

Extra tip: Every day do some specific exercises, pick up a towel around his toes off the ground or the feet from the toes to the heel several times before and roll back a hedgehog ball.

Where did it come from? During pregnancy, hormonal relaxed the sphincter at the entrance to the stomach something so that it does not close completely. Stomach acid then rises up in the esophagus and can cause unpleasant burning sensation or regurgitation, especially when lying down. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the growing belly may push up the stomach and heartburn strengthen yet.

What helps? "Eat. before lying down a greasy, not sugary snack, for example, something soft cheese Or drink a small glass of milk, "advises Ursula Jahn-Zöhrens. Is often sufficient to bind excess acid and to stimulate a new production. Important: sleep with your head elevated.

Extra Tip: Try to eat slowly and chew thoroughly as possible. In addition, it also helps here if you throughout the day to take several small, light meals instead of two or three lush.
Feeling low

Where did it come from? Also, because the turbulent hormonal status is to blame. Just like the body is also the psyche to the changed situation must get used once. Therefore can follow a total whim low absolute elation.

What helps? "This Constitution is quite normal for early pregnancy," said Ursula Jahn-Zöhrens. "That should not displace nor dramatize." The best talk a lot with your partner, friends or midwife fears not keep it to himself. If you feel permanently depressed, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Extra tip: When a trusting relationship exists, it does many pregnant women good to talk with her ​​own mother. "How was it with you at that time, what has helped you, how did you cope with the responsibility?" - To hear from the maternal experience can be very comforting.
Back pain

Where did they come from? For one, the spine must keep pace with advancing pregnancy much more weight, and their natural curve tends then to the hollow back, on the other hormones loosen the connective tissue and ligaments. "This instability is for the expansion of the pool at the birth necessary, "said the midwife. Pregnant take by the risingWeight is often a false attitude, which favors back pain.

What helps? "I would have back pain forever by an orthopedic surgeon who is familiar with alternative medicine, clarify," says Renate king. "Time can be the solution acupuncture or massage, sometimes help inserts in your shoes."

Extra tip: Exercise is good, for example walking or swimming. Unpack to sleep on their side a thick cushion, such as a nursing pillow between the knees. This relieves the back.

Where did it come from? Especially at the beginning of pregnancy, many expectant mothers lugging heavy lids through the day. "This feeling has severed and often to do with the changing metabolic condition with low blood pressure," says the midwife. Try it once with our tips. Should not diminish the languor, go to the gynecologist. The gynecologist checks the blood pressure leads if necessary by further studies, advises or treated accordingly.

What helps? Sleeping, namely as much and as often as possible. Also, stock up plenty of fresh air and move. "At low blood pressure, I advise to drink a lot, quiet two liters of water, tea and juice spritzers per day," said the gynecologist.

Extra tip: If your cycle goes along with this, start with hot-cold contrast showers in the day. Every 30 seconds, alternating rinse off thoroughly with hot and cold water. Always stop with cold water.
Leg cramps

Where did they come from? In general, leg cramps are harmless and possibly due to a magnesium deficiency. It can occur because of the need for magnesium is increased in pregnancy. The spasms may also have other causes. Can clarify Therefore medically!

What helps? If the doctor finds a magnesium deficiency, he may prescribe an equivalent drug. Let us advise you to capture even in the pharmacy. If you startle the night of the stabbing pain in the calf: get up, walk a few steps and stretch the calf muscles. Wear flat, comfortable shoes and stretch the foot and calf muscles regularly during the day.

Extra tip: Give yourself the evening a ten minute warm foot bath (about 38 degrees) with a drop of lavender oil to relax.

Where did it come from? pregnancy hormones slow the bowel movement. Where a woman due to an iron deficiency, iron tablets, this can also increase the constipation.

What helps? "Moderate exercise helps digestion, go for a walk around or swim," said Renate king. Also, set on high fiber diet with lots of fresh fruits, whole grains and plenty of liquid.

Extra tip: drink on an empty stomach a glass of tap water and eat an apple for breakfast about 45 to 60 minutes later correctly. Or am taking a tablespoon of flaxseed, can swell before briefly in warm water to drink a lot.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Babies: skin care after swimming

Baby swimming is fun! Chlorine and prolonged stay in the water burden, however. Proper care can help. So your baby's skin even after swimming is soft to the touch

skin care after swimming
No skin feels nice as that of a baby - so delicate and velvety soft. Thus it remains so, the skin of your little one needs the right care . Because it is sensitive: The skin of a baby is much thinner than an adult's, environmental and water losses make you look much more noticeable.

After the baby swimming you should wash in the shower, the chlorine from the skin of your little ones. The water temperature should be about 36 degrees. Instead of soap you prefer to use mild synthetic detergents.Shampoo does not need most babies. It is sufficient to purge the delicate fuzz on the head with clear water. Does your baby have a decent head of hair, a dab of baby shampoo is enough. Wrap your baby then into a cozy towel and dab it gently dry - even in the skin folds and armpits. Then slather it with a lotion.

The right cream

Whether lotion or cream richer - the selection of toiletries is huge. Almost all are composed of similar basic substances: water and various fatty acids. But which product is suitable for babies? A good preparation should not have too many ingredients and free of fragrances. Because fragrances may possibly contact allergy trigger. Natural cosmetics can be allergenic.

Tip: After the excitement of baby swimming there enjoy the kids especially if they have a gentle massage to get from mom. But even if you massage your baby with a special baby oil, you should then apply cream your tot still with a cream or lotion. For oil alone makes the skin dry and flaky.